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Web 2.0 Directory was designed specifically for SEO purposes to provide our end users with a valuable ‘do follow’ backlink from a high quality, Google Page Rank 6 web directory. Web 2.0 describes the current state of the Web by emphasizing user generated “original” content, usability, and the natural building of links to separate the quality websites from the mediocre. These quality sites are now being rewarded appropriately by receiving higher rankings in google search for their keywords. Every link submission we receive in our database is manually inspected by a team member.



Site Requirements For Inclusion: One of the tools we use as part of our site inspection process to decide inclusion into the web directory is the Moz Open Site Explorer. If your website registers a spam score over 4 and a “Domain Authority” (DA) under 25, it will be denied for a free submission only. Paid sites with a spam score over 4 will be inspected by a team member. This is how we maintain a good balance and a high quality backlink for our users. Most established, reputable sites will meet these requirements easily, while most new sites will not. The newer sites with the low DA will benefit much more from the backlink than an already established site so it is worth the paid submission cost to join our directory. An established site meeting our required metrics will still reap great SEO benefits from our backlink, but we feel they have earned the right to join our directory for free because SEO is a long, painstaking process. Click here to get started with a basic or premium SEO submission. Also, feel free to contact us about our guest blog posting services. A guest post on our site will be highly optimized and within a short amount of time, should begin to rank very well in Google SERP’s for your respective focus keyword. At Web 2.0 Directory, obviously we take our SEO approach very seriously and are one of the few active web directory’s to have set in stone standards that must be met in order to be included. Click below to submit your site to the directory.


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